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    Every day we bring hope to thousands of people in the world's
    hardest places as a sign of God's unconditional love.
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    Every day we bring hope to thousands of people in the world's
    hardest places as a sign of God's unconditional love.
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    Every day we bring hope to thousands of people in the world's
    hardest places as a sign of God's unconditional love.
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Diveeksha Eye Clinic

Diveeksha Eye Clinic "Divine Vision" stands for our belief that vision is a divine gift. It should be handled with precision, care, devotion and individual attention. Eyes reflect our body, sprit and mind, so it is also reflects all our ailments/diseases. Each individual is unique and requires personal care and attention. Eyes reflects physical conditions like Diabetes , Hypertension , Thyroid, Migraine, Lipid Profile, Kidney function, ADD, mental retardation, chronic medications, side effects, toxicity, aging, allergy, asthma, genetic disorder, list is never ending.

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Our Specialities

We Care For You !!

  • Complete Eye Checkup

    All kinds of Eye CheckUp for visual acuity refractive error,eye pressure,colour vision and fundus.

  • Cataract Surgeries

    Treatment of various types of cataract with phaco/laser/microphaco with Foldable/Multifocal/Toric IOL.

  • Lasik Surgeries

    Removal of glasses through laser surgery. All categories Regular Lasik,Thin Flap Lasik and Customised Lasik,ILasik and SmileLasik.

  • Squint

    Correction of eye alignment problems when eyes do not align properly I.e. inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards. It can be corrected with glasses exercises, vision therapy and surgery.

  • Children Checkup

    A detailed eye examination of your child by eye specialist for eye diseases,glasses power,squint etc

  • Retina Services

    Treatment for various retinal diseases and checkup

  • Cornea Services

    We provide all kinds of Cornea services.

  • Glaucoma Diagnosis & Management

    Complete glaucoma workup and treatment

  • Oculoplasty

    Correction of eye deformities by doing plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery procedures related to eyes and the area (eye lids and tear ducts of the face) that surrounds it

  • Laser Services

    Laser Treatment for eye conditions

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What patients are saying About Diveeksha

  • "In one word, experience was 'excellent'. It was my first time there, and i am really moved with the experience. very friendly behavior, tried to understood problem at my level of explanation and matched it with her knowledge and experience, to give accurate solution. Also explained the problem in layman terms so that i cn understand and use it to take care of problem in better way."

  • "Absolutely wonderful person. Rare to see a doctor with a heart of gold, i was left amazed. I had gone for my fathers eye issue, as he is bedridden. Much recommended."

  • "I read the reviews on Practo and went there. She is a thorough professional and helps patient understand the underlying cause and treatment course that will be taken. I went there for my fathers diabetic eye related sickness... She performed a yag laser treatment and my fathers vision is way better now... Her medicines n treatment work like a charm my father is feeling way better now . Thank you doctor"

  • "She is very good eye specialist. Would recommend to others also. Listen the problem very patiently. Thanks Madam"

  • "I have visited her earlier as well for a minor procedure, excellent doctor and best of she explains her diagnosis clearly."

  • "She was very cordial and listened to the patient for every problem she was facing and diagnosed her very well. I personally feel that more than half of the problem is solved when it is heard properly as diagnosing becomes easier. She is a thorough professional and does not want to take any chance to deliver the best so ensures that every aspect is looked into in great detail. She also sees that no superfluous medicine or diagnostic is recommended. She suggests and prescribes quite well. I wish her all the best in her profession and that she treats more and more patients with her charming nature."

  • “I had a problem with my eyes for 2 yrs which became a chronic problem inspite of visiting various doctors, nobody could help me much! My suffering increased so much that I was unable to manage things on my own and it led to depression! Under Dr. Charu with her patience, care and right diagnostics I started feeling better.I really wish from bottom of my heart that more people like me should benefit from her and God bless her! Today I have pledged my eyes in her custody as all my eye problems will be handled by her, not only today but tomorrow too! ”

  • "Dr. Charu Tyagi operated on my mother's eye. The result was superb. My mother is happy and so am I. All the best to Dr. Charu and thanks."

  • Simply the best place for complete eye care.Dr tyagi is a great doctor. She is confident and cheerful with her patients which boosts morale of their patients. Amazing !!

  • Dr Tyagi is a great doctor, she s patient and very confident of her work. I recommend her for kids as well as adults.

  • "The experience was quite satisfying. Doctor was not in a hurry during the checkup like other doctors these days, was well informed and the fee was also reasonable. She suggested the correct tests and my treatment is going in a right direction. I would highly recommend other eye patients to Dr. Charu Tyagi."

  • "One of the best eye surgeons in the country.Most experienced and polite Eye Doctor. Always keeps patients interest as top priority, and recommends medicines which are effective !"

  • It was good experience as she was very patient and responded to my all queries. And she did all the test by her self with other dr's I visited earlier get those same tests done by the technicians.

  • Doctor is knowledgeable and experienced. She will understand your problem and provide with appropriate solution and convey the same to you very patiently.

  • She gives you ample amount of time to explain your problem. A very good doctor, sorted an issue which was happening for 2 weeks, in 1 visit.She knows her job very well.

  • The way of investigation and friendly-approach really gives utmost satisfaction to patients.

  • I suggest everyone to prefer Dr. Charu tyagi. She listens to all problems & responses accordingly. When you meet her, u can experience this. And imporatant thing is she explains clearly her line of treatment

  • She is a patient listener and provided satisfactory answers to all my queries. Gave a lot of tips to take care of my eyes. I am definitely going to consult her for my yearly checkups.

  • Went to her for a resolution to conjunctivitis. Her medication resolved the problem in just 2-3 days. A very good experience overall and definitely a doctor I would recommend.

  • "Very good doctor, extremely professional and knowledgeable.Highly renowned and respected in Noida and NCR region for any eye related problems and operations. Thank you very much for the consultancy provided."