Our Services

Wear Safety glasses, Foresight is better than no sight.

Optical Outlet

Dispensing of single Vision Lenses, Bifocal Lenses and Progressive Addition Lenses,Glass or Plastic Lenses Lenses with tint, Transitions, Anti reflection coating,Hard coat frames and reading glasses.


Eye assessment and treatment for binocular vision , muscle weakness, vision stimulation and early squint.

Low Vision Aids

Low Vision Aids are tools that help those with vision loss maximize their remaining vision and these devices fall into three broad categories as Optical devices,Electronic devices and non-optical devices.

Pharmaceutical Advice

For patient care and support dispensing of eye medicines and drops

Contact Lens

Contact Lens provides comprehensive vision care including fitting and prescribing customized contact lenses to correct myopia (nearsightedness),hyperopia (farsightedness),astigmatism,presbyopia (age-related problem of focusing at near).

Medical Counseling

Patients advised about the eye conditions (cataract, Glaucoma, ARMD, amblyopia etc) course of disease, treatment and supportive steps for surgery or further specialty interventions are educated by the counselors to uptake the relevant eye care.